Make a Herringbone Lamp

This project is pretty simple but I love the result. A sharp, herringbone lamp that you can customise to your taste is a variety of ways.




The lamp base is form a previous project (which you can find via the link at the end of this post) that creates the lamp out of an old vase. Now it’s been updated with a herringbone look Consider the same process done on colored glass with a darker marker. Check out the details for both parts of the project at Crafting For Charity. 

DIY Pallet Headboard

We’ve featured pallet headboards before but I particularly like this one and its unique design. Simple and not overdone, it’s just the theme for any bedroom that needs a rustic touch.



Beautiful yes? And the best part its it doesn’t cost much to make. Check out the instructions at Little Bits Of. 

Make a Puzzle Stool

It’s not secret that I love just about everything those folks at HomeMade Modern make. OK, everything. And these puzzle stools are so clever and fun that they are clearly no exception to that love. And you get to have fun with a jigsaw – what more could you ask?



As always, they provide great instructions and videos with the tutorial, as well as price estimates on each project. CHeck them out here.

DIY Pets: Catnip Toys

I know we’ve already posted today’s Frugal DIY, but this one is also a money saver. It uses old stuffed toys and a bit of catnip to give your cat a good time for not a lot of cash. And if you’ve ever let your cat enjoy a bit of the nip, it’s pretty entertaining, as well.



A needle and thread and you are set. Check it out at The Little Big Blog. 


Frugal DIY: Party Dishes

It’s lovely to have a few special, colourful dishes kicking around for those times when you are entertaining – but it’s not so lovely to have to spend any real $ on items like these when things are tight. So here is a pretty, fun and inexpensive way to brighten up your next get together.



Made with a combo of inexpensive plastic dishes and some spray paint – which you only use on the outside, of course. Now you can color your party decor any way you like! Check out this project at Make Life Lovely.