Giganto blanket

I love simple knitting, the sort you can do while watching a little historical drama on the TV or the like. And projects that knit up quick? Even better. Something like this Giganto Blanket, perhaps…

Cat for scale. How big is this yarn?  The blanket is knitted with PVC pipe. You heard me. Get the pattern and details here.

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  1. Lana says

    Having read many of the comments, I think that using fleece would be fun for teens. Can you give me a guesstimate of the width the strips should be cut? In other words, what is the width of the wool yarn approximately? Thanks for the great idea. I love the look of the wool, but have teens who are allergic.

    • says

      Hi – I would check at the link posted. they have lots of tips about sourcing material and so should have better info about the true girth of that wool so you could estimate the width of any substitute. I sympathize – wool makes me unbearably itchy!

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