Frugal DIY: Party Dishes

It’s lovely to have a few special, colourful dishes kicking around for those times when you are entertaining – but it’s not so lovely to have to spend any real $ on items like these when things are tight. So here is a pretty, fun and inexpensive way to brighten up your next get together.



Made with a combo of inexpensive plastic dishes and some spray paint – which you only use on the outside, of course. Now you can color your party decor any way you like! Check out this project at Make Life Lovely. 

Frugal DIY: Concrete Planters

These planters are great for indoors or out and they won’t cost you much to make. You’ll need some concrete mix, perlite and a bunch of old plastic containers from that cupboard where they live and breed – and not much more. Before you knwo it, you’ve got unique concrete planters for indoors or out.



Love them! Head over to Rad Megan for the instructions.

Frugal DIY: Colorful Cake Stands

This is such a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make cake and cookie stands that can be any color or style you’d like. You can buy most of the supplies at the dollar store, but why not thrift the dishes or use  something that’s already taking up space? Flea markets and yard sales  are full of stuff like this and you can find some great shapes and sizes.



Gorgeous – but as you are spray painting, they are not food safe. Slip a doily on those and show off your baked goods. Check out the project at Sweet Sugarbelle. 

Frugal DIY: Make a Stool From A Bucket

Frugal Friday is here and with it a little something you can try this weekend – taking an old plastic bucket and turning it into a stool. I’ll admit this isn’t a $5 project, as you’ll need some batting, material and wood for the legs, but it’s still cheaper by far than some of the $200 stools and ottomans I am spying at some of the furniture shops of late.



It’s a pretty clever upcycle – check out the step-by-step instructions at OhOhBlog. 

Frugal DIY: A Shutter Plate Rack

There’s so much about this project I like. Using an old shutter means this can be a very inexpensive project, and the shutter gets re-purposed not just into a shelf but a plate rack with cup hooks. Frugal and functional. I like.



The shutter is a natural rack for plates, and if you find some beat up brackets that match the look of the shutter, so much the cheaper! Head over to LaurieAnnas to get the details on how to make yours.